Idylwilde Flies Future Uncertain

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Impact Hottub, May 19, 2013.

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    I really like a lot of Idyl's flies, I hope they come out OK. From Idylwilde's Facebook page:


    Hi valued Idylwilde fans and supporters. Today I bring unfortunate news. The factory that I founded with a mountain bike and a dream, along with Sister Christine and her group of underprivileged people has unilaterally cut Idylwilde off mid season with no explanation. The POs Idylwilde made were accepted, but now we are being told that the deal has changed.

    This decision appears to be directed at me personally. In 2012 I fell extremely ill to debilitating depression. This was brought on by stress, and the amount of work I was doing to insure that Idylwilde was successful and to build a brand that you the consumer of our flies could relate to. That stress, combined with emotional trauma from my past, sent my brain into shut-down.

    I had carried the weight of a horrible secret for my entire life: the fact that I was molested by a stranger. This weight along with the stress of running Idylwilde became too much to bear. It took me a year to recover.

    I assumed my trusted senior staff would rally and help me in my time of need. In fact my illness was used against me. My inability to function at full capacity was used to turn the factory I built against me. This was done by my employees, on my dime, at my office at my company.

    I finally became healthy again in November of 2012 and returned to the office full time. But I soon discovered that my relationship and trust with the person who ran my manufacturing had been destroyed. Since then I have rebuilt the staff here to the best we have ever had.

    My reputation within the greater fly fishing community stands on its own. I gave my word to the shops, reps, signature tiers, and you the consumer that I would deliver on the POs I accepted this fall. By my own (previous) staff undermining my credibility a string of real people and real businesses are in jeopardy of taking major financial hits.

    My customers will lose sales. My reps will lose commissions that are needed to cover expenses incurred while writing the order, Sig. tiers will miss out on commissions they counted on and need.

    This isn't just about me or Idylwilde. If those people want to hurt me personally, I can take it. But for my employees to use their position of trust and the opportunities and relationships I gave them to attempt to destroy me by trying to turn my, reps, sig tiers and customers against me is sickening.

    I don't know about you but I don't think that kind of behavior and lack of loyalty to the person (me) and persons (dealers, reps, sig tiers) who paid your salary for the last 15 years deserves to be rewarded in any way.

    What do you think?

    Hopefully people will come to their senses and ship the flies that they promised and we can put this behind us. The decision really lies with you the customer on what kind of behavior should be rewarded or not.
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    yeah, feels right shitty...damn i hope it works out for them?
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    IMHO there are two sides to the story. I wouldn't lose sleep over it.
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    No more chubbies!!!
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    Wasn't it Idylwilde who ran the ad of a fly holding a sign saying "will work for fish" .... loved that one. Crazy story there for sure, hope all works out best for everyone involved.

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