In Search of Tiger Muskie on Mayfiels

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    I had the opportunity to spend my unofficial birthday July 8th, 56yrs old Crap!, on Mayflield Lake with good friend Steve Saville and legendary Muskie Guru and owner of Lost Creek Fly Shop Mike Sturza. We met Mike at the boat ramp around 6am and hit the lake. It was Saturday July 7th and due to all the water skiing activity the water was pretty murky. It took us until the sun rose high enough to actually reflect on the fish to be able to spot them, and does Mike have that down! Steve took the front of the boat and I took the back next to Mike, he ducked ALOT! I had a follow to the side of the boat by a tiger the size of a small submarine( no shit,ask Mike) what can I say...sometimes it's lucky to pull out early but that was not one of them. Shit again! We saw several and both Mike and I saw a take on Steve's fly, it sucked it in all the way up to the stainless steel leader then spit it out we even saw the gill plates flair out! That was awesome, Mike talked about that all day. We pulled out of the way of the skiers by 11:30 for lunch. Mike had caught a summer steelhead the day before from the Cowlitz and made a delicious spread with crackers, sandwiches, soda's and water. It hit the spot. After along chit chat break about Dorado fishing in Mexico and my Alaska trip and Mike sitting there thinking "When are these two Goof's going to get fishing again?"We were ready to hit it again, it was beginning to get hot, mid 80's. It's always nice catching up with Steve as we both have ton's in common. So we began fishing again and saw several tigers just haning out near all the usual haunts, next to stumps, logs drop offs ect.. Then my line just stopped, then took off like my line was being pulled away from us in a strong steady haul, kind of like being pulled up water skiing, no head shakes, no dancing on top of the water, just a heavy heavy pull. I set the hook and started stripping. I remember Mike holloring "TIGER" and jumping up and as usual I lost the bastard when I was trying to get it onto my reel. Well we fished for awhile longer, told a few more lies and made plans for the next time, August with Mike on the Cowlitz. All in all it was a banner day, any day spent with Mr. Saville is a good day and you will never be dissapointed hooking up with Mike. He was very patient and knowledgeable and has top notch equipment. I used his as we were camping with our grandkids the previous week and didn't want my gear to get broken. And did I mention Mike put up with two of the biggest bull shitters on the lake and never said a word, I'm sure he rolled his eyes a couple times but I never saw it. I would recomment Mike for a guided trip anytime. If you want to try something different from steelhead fishing every time you can give Tiger Muskie fishing a try. Untill you see one of those ancient relics follow your fly right up to the boat, kind of swagger on his side look up at you with that Fu.. You look and slowly swim off then man you've not been fishing.That's my story and I'm sticking to it,just ask Steve, we all know he doesn't tell fish stories! Jim
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