Inflatable Raft Found

I was at Pass Lake today and saw an inflatable raft sitting off to the side at the ramp when I put in around 5pm. I asked a couple of folks as they were leaving if it was theirs but no one knew anything about it. I was the last one in the parking lot when I left so I tossed it in the truck. If anyone can identify it, I'll make arrangements to get it to you.

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
Yeah, it's possible that they hitched a ride to get their rig and left it there. Probably cussing and swearing when they got back. LOL. Knew a couple guys who would take their Outcasts and just leave them at the ramp while they hitched back up. But normally they would stash them into some bushes (if available).

Was a good thought. Hopefully the raft gets back to the parties owning it.


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So much to say, so much to say, so much to quote Dave Matthews.

I never hitched up to a lake, but I have hog tied one...

Silly rabitt, cats can't spell, they're lucky they can meow...

I'm glad you left a note on a stick where it was...instead of where it wasn't.

If the "raft" was a Fat Cat, send it to Backyard, he always did like mine...

:clown: :rofl: :clown: :rofl: :clown: :rofl:

Jerry Daschofsky

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I have. Ever tried running your tube on upper Riffe where the Cowlitz dumps into it? Started fishing one day in my float tube, then realized I was 3 miles down the lake with too much current to float back up under foot power. This was before the fancy fishing bridge and park were put in. Back when it was remote and rarely fished.

But yeah, I missed the pass lake part. LOL
Called up to the ranger station yesterday. They actually have a "lost & found" at the main station. They said it was probably abandoned, they get that now and then, if a cheap one gets a leak they just leave it. I went out and looked closer at it, part of the floor and the main chamber is deflated with the plugs still closed. Anyway, they took my name and number incase anyone checks with them. They did not want me to drop it off my next trip up. I would imagine they get a pretty interesting collection of stuff over the summer.