Info on "Hurricane" fly rod.....

...found it at a yard sale,it's in good shape but a mystery as to where it was made and what weight line it throws. Full label says Hurricane Ultra-Fast 8 1/2 ft Model 2185. Have looked on the Fiberglass wiki,they have nada about it,searched the same site,some post about crappy Japanese bamboo rods going by that name. Haven't put a line on it yet,may start with a 7 WF....Seems to flex to just past midpoint(waving it around) and the butt section is modo sized...may make a good beach rod,I dunno. Any information would be helpful....JP2


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I haven't spent much time looking but what little I have found indicates that it's probably Japanese made from the 1950's. Apparently, the Japanese offered bamboo rods by the thousands and their prime market was US soldiers who brought them home in droves.
OOPS....hadn't made myself clear...It's a 'glass rod and it does have a Japan stamp on the reel seat,so that's where it's from BUT still have no idea re line wt.
I'm going to guess it's from the late 70s(ultra-fast fiberglass????) before graphite took over.....Hmmmm,going to have to line up that Medalist knock off(also stamped Japan) with something heavy and do some lawn casting.....


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hey JP2,
sounds like a 7wt is a good starting point. try 6 and 8wt too if you've got 'em handy. often with fiberglass, the right line really brings the rod to life. some of my glass rods cast a handful of lines really nicely, but some need a specific line IMO. good luck.