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    Just sharing a random product of my favorite vice. :p

    I've been playing around a lot lately with the "temple dog" style wings. By this I mean the wing is tied forward, some kind of hack is wound to cover threads and then the wing is swung back, and the process is repeated. Creates a very upright wing, even if fairly floppy material is used.

    Anyway, I like the way the wing looks so I thought I would share.

    Tag: silver tinsel over which pink floss is wound. Both tied in 1/4 way up the shank, wound to the rear and then back to the tie in point.

    Rear "fluff": Dubbing ball (black sparkle in this case), then black skunk palmered towards the eye of the hook, then three turns of black marabou.

    Body: Blue pear braid

    Eye: Big ass dumbell. Red was the color in red it is.

    Front: Dubbing ball (black sparkle in this case), then black skunk palmered towards the eye of the hook.

    Wing Part 1: Blue flash winging material tied forward and folded over (more or less)

    Wing Part 2: Three turns of spun Finn Raccoon. PITA.

    Wing Part 3: Blue flash winging tied in as before, but longer.

    This fly lands on the desk with an audible "thud." Big, fluffy and should sink like a stone.

    2014-01-13 20.32.24.jpg
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    Can feel the pull now!! Nice tie.
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    Real nice man. I like that.