Is Cabelas fly rods any good?

Hi, i was reading my cabelas fly fishing catalog since bass pro hasn't come out with there's yet and i was curious, is cabelas fly rods any good? are they worth the money?


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Asking about a general brand, not a specific rod/price point, you are going to get the full spectrum of answers.

The best way to discuss and review a rod is to pick a specific make and model. Check reviews online and ask for personal feedback from members.
Rods are specific to a persons ability/style etc etc.

I have a RLS906-4, its a great rod for throwing sculpins, leeches and minnows.

Bottom line, take it for a test drive, throw some bugs around before you buy it, if ever possible.
I have a couple of their Stowaway rods and really like them. I purchased them for very specific applications and didn't plan to use them much, but they get used all the time.
Some of their combo packages are really good deals.

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Yes, they are just fine. Are they as good as rods costing 3x as much, no. But if you can afford a cabelas rod, and it gets you out fishing then go for it.

I also have a Stowaway 6wt that I really like. I've heard good things about the Three Forks rods too.

At worst you replace it later with something nicer, and you have a good backup rod available.

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I have a Stowaway 6 that I bought because I could keep it in the tour pack on my Harley. It is actually a pretty nice rod. I also have a Genesis two piece in a 4wt which I use for Blue Gill fishing here in Nebraska. It will probably get less use after my move to the PNW but it is also a decent rod. Are there better rods out there? Sure, but for the price they are nice rods.


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Bought a Stowaway 6wt years ago when the airlines started giving me grief about my 2pc rod tube. Think I payed $95 and I've been very happy with it.



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I am using Cabela's L-Tech rods in both 4 and 5 wts for all of my lake fishing. They are powerful and smooth and can carry a lot of sinking line in the air for those long cast. I just love 'em and sold my TFO rods once I got these. They are almost as light as an Orvis Helios but cost less than 1/3 of the price. Their best feature may be the reel seat! It is the finest and most positive I have ever seen. The 25 year warranty ain't bad either.

Hi, i was curious because of the catalog they have, i have have redington classic trout rods i was thinking to buy some more rods and i don't know what brands are good and so forth and i am skeptical of a company at times that has there own line of gear, i shouldn't be because i buy and test out all the time various other store brands like the walmart brand, safeway brand or kroger brand to name a few. Right now i'm trying to get a 23 yo disabled girl started on fly fishing and i keep looking for a rod for her. :)


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Yes, Cabela's rods are any good, along with most all other brands on the market. It comes down to what you want in a rod, and why you want particular attributes. Cabela's offers fly rods from $49 to over $300. I've had 3 Cabela's Three Forks model rods, their cheapest line I think, in 6, 8, and 10 wts. The action is not my favorite, but they are similar to the most popular fast action rods being offered. The rods work just fine for the purposes I bought them for. I bought 4-piece models (well the 6 wt is 5-piece) for travel rods, and the fast action is good for salt water use.