It pays to try varied and new presentations of flies

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by cutthroat kid, Jun 23, 2013.

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    I noticed yesterday when fishing a size 6 Sculpin imitation, that I got a lot more follows and strikes when I did a short repeated quick striping motion , much like the amphipod hop that you read about in Les Johnsons books. I could see that the fly moved much more like a small sculpin, ( in fits and starts).

    It was much more effective that just a constant stripping motion

    I learned that polychaete worms move very fast in the water and can be stripped in long pulls and then a pause. or can even be dead drifted a little was in fast moving water around a point before stripping them in.
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    Thanks for sharing that! I knew a little about how sculpin move, but I haven't really fished polychaete worm immitations, and that's good info.
    I've fished "Jim Dandies" (aka "snot darts") with varied retrieves and caught fish. I think they represent some kind of marine worm.
    Its always good to try something different if what we're doing isn't working. That's how we might learn what is working.