It's a GIRL!!!

Well, I'm so excited, I have to tell everyone!!! We have a new fisherwoman in the family! I'm the proud new dad of a baby girl! She was born on Aug 29 at 10:53 and was 8lbs, 3oz. and 21 inches long. I can't wait until I can show her the joys of chasing fish with a fly rod! Tight lines.

Sounds like a perfect reason to go and buy a new rod. Pretty cool, now you have someone else to buy new gear for!!! Congratulations. :THUMBSUP

Chris Scoones

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Right on Matt! BTW, my 3 yr old girl just reeled in her first fish. She was absolutely thrilled, as was her dad. Some of the fun you have to look forward to.
Congratulations! I started with my girls when they were 18 months. I'd put them in the backpack and go to a pond in Minnesota to catch bluegill. Now they're 4 and 3 and both love going fishing. You've got good years ahead. Enjoy!
Daddys little girls are an absolute treat. Excellent reason for that new 4wt and a second pontoon boat and now a 2 person pram, etc etc. My daughter is three, and you should see her at the flytying bench. You'd never think it possible to fit so much material on a hook. Start them off with some big 4x long streamer hooks (very blunt), just keep an eye on your really costly materials. Congrats again..
8lbs, 3oz. and 21 inches? Sounds like a real lunker! Of course, everyone knows that fishermen always add 1lb and 2 inches, so until you post a photo, we'll assume she's 7lbs 3oz., and 19" long. Congratulations!
Hey Matt,

A lot less fishin' time in the next few years, i'm afraid. But don't despair, your tying time's sure gonna increase - tyin' up diapers that is!!

All the best to you and your wife and your new daughter!


Thanks everyone! She is definitely a bundle of joy (also a lot of hard work!!! I'll be around, and like someone mentioned... I can now "tie" a mean diaper!
That's terrific news! My 7 yr old girl loves tying - pink and purple are her favs. She caught her first salmon last week. Kids are amazing and time consuming, but make time for yourslef too.