I've been bored lately...what have you been tying?

i have alot to learn. i have fun with it though. thanks for sharing that fly, what material is the wing? also wondering what sort of hackles you use for a fly like that.

summer swing fly

steelhead october caddis

Dustin, assuming that you're asking about the wings on the fly I posted, the hair is polar bear with turkey (can't remember which variety) dee-style wings.

Keep tyin' man. Great combos on your ties. What's the body on that caddis? pretty tasty lookin'.

These are all some great ties and are inspiring me to get back to the vise. Seems I've taken a little break from all the winter stuff. Need to tie up some trouty stuff too as I plan on hitting the Yak again soon. June can't get here fast enough!
I had planned on tying some Dave's hoppers with weight, but didn't have all the materials(kinda tired of buying stuff right now, and made due with materials on hand) so I ended up making some oversized Madam X's.

Some nymphs chillin' on a rock waiting for August:
I totally understand what youmean when you said..."Tired of buying materials at this point"

Hell, I can barely afford to go to the shop, and before I know it I have two materials and a pack of eyes in my hand, and my 20 dollar bill disappears.
hey man i think those madam x are gonna be great, they have a good round profile. the deer hair might give it a nice neutral buoyancy much like a natural has once waterlogged!
Loren- Forgot to say that your box is looking nice.

Dustin- I wrapped both of those with .30 lead and would say that they are light and medium weights. I was worried that the hair and berlin wool(yellow body) would considerably slow the sink rate, but they both sank super quick in the kitchen sink...but you know where these will be fished and I recon I need to make up some offerings in tungsten as well, as well as some hopper thangs in more of a greenish brownish color.

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Terry, it's an understanding that you always tie two of every thing, you know, so when you get a hot fly your buddy(ies) can share. Otherwise they are tempted to cut your line...

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Karl, I told you I was sorry for snipping your line and bogarting your hot fly. How long are you gonna try to make me feel guilty for wanting to get the skunk off?