"Jail-break" mother's day caddis hatch w/ PMD's

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Sparse Grey Hackle, May 11, 2004.

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    The Mother's Day Caddis hatch has actually been going on for about a month. Frankly, it has been a great hatch compared to the somewhat disappointing March Brown hatch this year.

    I live in Yakima and fish the river often enough. Last week I fished it by foot Wednesday at Lmuma, and Floated Bighorn to Umtanum Saturday. The caddis adults are all over the river right now. Evenings seem to combine egg-laying (and to some extent diving) females combined with emerging caddis. The result is a lot of dry fly action!

    The weather has been kind of weird this week, with intermittent clouds, occasional gusts, and sometimes even downpours. The big thing right now is the presence of PMD's. It seems quite a few fish are recklessly feeding without abandon when they're hatching. The size 18 BWO's are coming up with them. Like many baetis, they're all waiting for some cloud cover before they hatch. We were seeing PMD's in size 12's and 14's. Thats a good sized PMD! And something you old guys can actually see!

    I'm finding most of the rainbows are in rising in the middle of the river. That isn't to say you won't catch them off the banks - you will. However, there are so many smolt in the canyon (which are found anywhere the current slows) that they pick up your fly first and fishing the middle of the river (during the hatch) seems to be a logical way to remove the smolt from the equation.


    PS- Oh, and if you hook a smolt, and I guarantee you will, I'm finding just by using barbless hooks and giving a bunch of slack in in your line will free the smolt, providing a clean C&R and allowing you more time to fish for rainbow trout.

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    I entirely missed the March Browns this year. Wasted a lot of tying time on MB patterns that will have to wait until last year. But I talked to a piscivorous bird counting crew that drifted through a dense hatch of MB above Thorp. I think it was April 15. It was so dense they were covered in duns, and their dog was amusing herself catching them out of the air.

    I tried the canyon last night, with dismal results. 0 caught. But it came close to being much better. I saw an adult Pteronarcys dog paddling across the river but nothing took it. So I tried a big stone dry, but nothing took it either.

    I'd been tying some carefully crafted CDC caddis emergers and X-caddis, and some parachute caddis, dark bodied with a little ice dub or plain brown, black, or peacock. I tried them all, but nobody wanted them. They seemed to like a brown bodied elk hair caddis from Sri Lanka better. Better in that I had more misses and refusals, and more smolts. As soon as I put on the brown EHC, a two foot long fish jumped clear out of the water for it and missed. That left me shaking. That was a big fish, and could have changed my whole attitude about the trip. So I kept fishing the brown EHC until almost dark, when I finally had a hook up. I raised my rod and the fly popped right off. The rainbow jumped three more times, trying to get the fly out of the corner of his mouth, as my slack ed fly line slid back through theguides and landed in a tangle at my feet. At that point I left in disgrace, and went home to search myself for ticks.

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    Thanks for the report! FYI - the fish in the lower canyon have been very friendly to a size 18 CDC emerger in a dark dun color fished as a dropper behind an EC or X Caddis!

    The fishing and catching Friday just rocked! We floated from Bighorn to Reds and sight casted to individual fish for much of the float. Started at 10 - an hour nap at Umtanum, and finished up at dark at Red's. A great day! Going back this week for hopefully more of the same!


    Hope you will have a fishing experience like the one in Luke Chapter 5:6-11 ! :):thumb
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    Thanks for the report Sparse and others. I haven't fished the canyon in about 2 months but somewhere above the canyon has been very kind to me for the past couple months using big drys and big stones :thumb }(