Jameson Lake report

zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
I fished Jameson on Monday and Tuesday. In the past when I fished lakes in the fall chronies didn't pan out as it was leeches the fish would want. This time it was chronies that caught the fish. The preferred fly was a version of Rowley's Black Sally, actually a couple of versions of it. I even caught 4 fish or so on a chronie dry fly with a hot pink post so I could see it (when it wasn't sinking).

Most of the fish were earlier fry plants at 8-10 inches. My buddy and I did get two in the 18-22 inch range (depending on who caught it and who estimated the length).

Deepest we hung the chronies was 8 feet deep and then we kept adjusting shallower until we got at 2 feet.
Fished Jameson last Sat. and it was crazy good. Had 3 non-flyfishers with me so I compromised - set them all up trolling flies with spinning gear with flourocarbon leaders. Seal Buggers and Still Water Nymphs were the ticket. Just trolled around real slow out in the bay in front of the resort. I just drove the boat, unhooked fish, and kept the teenage girls fishing. Had lots of doubles on and I think even a triple at one time. But, like you said, the fish were pretty small. We did catch one triploid about 4 lbs. The girls had a blast!

Was going to go again tomorrow, but the weather forecast isn't looking good. :(

Might have to try chronies next time.


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thanks guys for the reports. I was thinking I need to head up to Jamison this Fall. and there are chukar and quail in the area too