January Spey Tying Roundtable

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    Third Thursday of January, Jan 15the. ^:30-9 at River RUn Anglers in Carnation, 425 333-4446. Materials and instruction provided, free. Join us for a fun evening!

    This month we will do the Claret Guinea Spey. Based on the fantastic Claret Guinea Spade developed by Alec Jackson this fly has the same magic and has moved a lot of Steelhead since I introduced it as a Spey many years ago.

    Hook – Alec Jackson Spey, Black
    Thread – Pearsall’s Gossamer #9, Black
    Tag and Underlayment – Flat Silver Tinsel
    Butt – Alec Jackson Premium Silk Floss #50, Red
    Spey Hackle – Steelhead Anglers Spey Hackle, Claret
    Rib – Oval Silver Tinsel, 3/0-1.5 M, 3-5 S
    Body – Ronn Lucas Iridescent Dubbing, Black
    Collar – Gadwall, Dyed Claret and Guinea Fowl, Dyed Claret
    Wing – Dark Turkey Tail

    Dry Flies catch Steelhead!