Jelly action cooling down but Green Lake action heating up!

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
ummmmmmmmm a lb. is 454 grams don't ask me how i know this and on a side note a certain area 12 beach famous for combat fishing was thick with feisty chums on Monday........
Yes, but I was accounting for the typical amount of "shrinkage" that somehow happens.

The surf was large and rideable at Westport on Monday, too, but I just watched for a bit. Great spectating, with binocs. Was too gnarly out there for an old scarecrow who couldn't avoid contemplating a potential bad scenario. Nobody as old as myself paddled out, but my friend Kevin (will be 60 on his next b-day) managed to make it out and snag one good set wave, and then he was done. Dane Perlee perhaps was the man of the day with a huge tube ride (I missed seeing that, but those who witnessed it were impressed).