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Jeremy Floyd

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I got and alumaweld 16' for $2500 three years ago with a . I saw it sitting in a parking lot with a for sale sign for $4k for about a month. Called up the guy and he was upset I only offered $2500. He called me back a week later and accepted.

50 horse suzuki pump on back. I sold it to my brother for $3500 a year later after fixing it all up.


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I have a 16' Lund with a 50 hp jet on it. It's been a really good application for what I want to do. Having had a flat bottomed boat, I really prefer a shallow vee hull, even for a jet and river running. Much smoother ride.


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I'm in the market for something a bit bigger:

20 foot
175 horse pump or so
winshield with access thru the window to the front

rivers and sound fishing for sure....

A 2004 sled with 50hp jet for 3300.00???

For that price, I would buy it. I would double check that price. 2003 or newer run at least 9,000$.

Good luck!

Jerry Daschofsky

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Actually, that could be a correct price. Depends on what boat it is and what's WRONG with it. LOL. I know when I checked on buying my first sled, I found an unbelievable price on a duckworth. Guy wanted $8,000 for a hardtop sled loaded to the gills. Only problem was the complete transom and most of the skin under the boat was damaged, and the whole lower unit was destroyed on the pump. About $10,000 later and I might have had a workable boat again. Plus, depends on the lund. Some guys buy the riveted boats and convert the outdrive to a pump. Usually the pump will sit way to low in the water and cause sever cavitation and just run like crap. Has to be shimmed just right and mounted correctly for the jetdrive to work correctly. He says it runs great, but maybe the top unit does, just the actually drive isn't there. LOL. Could just be the cheaper boat with an older jet drive on it. A plain jane riveted lund and an ancient jet motor won't be that expensive. Especially with only saying "runs great" could mean motor is fine, but boat has a few "dings" or possibly popped rivets.

Keep looking, you'll find one. I'm in the process of picking up an older alumaweld sled (16') with well kept up jet drive. Looks like I'll probably get it for about $2500-3,000. Looks brand new for being a boat from around 77'. I've run it, and it's a dream. Just need to keep looking.

You also want to think about hulls as well. I personally HATE flat bottomed sleds. I like a bit of a V in them. Those damned flat bottoms will beat the crap outta your back. But, on your needs, they usually are chaper. I just don't care for them. My old Valco I had (welded, not riveted) was a great boat. Was a semi V, but VERY semi V (almost flat bottomed). Great for the rivers, but man it would beat you up (not as bad as a true flatbottomed/jon boat) on lakes and the sound (if there was chop).

Keep looking. Prices are finicky with them. No real time they drop in price, since they're used year around up here. Usually if the fishing sucks (like it was last month for salmon in the tribs around here) you may have found a few dropped in price. Just keep your eyes peeled. Best advice is to head down to Oregon (or look on Craigslist for Oregon) and look what they have for sale on there. IMHO, Oregon is the sled capital of the NW. You'll find tons of boats down there.


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The guy's phone number is in the ad. Instead of speculating that the price is wrong give the guy a call. Perhaps someone could get a good deal.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Yup, good point Kerry. I'm not in the market for that style of boat (never cared alot for Lunds for river boats), but would be good for the person looking for a cheaper boat.