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You know after thinking about see boy being raped by man, you kick ass. after lawyers and police involved you get charged with assault...why?...because rapist has that type of lawyer that twist things and child wont speak the who is penalized? ......its real and why people don't get to involved in many matters.....understand all the views...but in the end one must does this affect me? That is the question.....for those of you wiling to stick a boot in the ass of the rapist are you willing to serve 5 years in prison? ?? Or are you more likely to report and let others (authorities) carry out the law? I know what I would do.....but? As black and white as this appears becomes grey or gray when ties and suits become involved. just thinking out loud!
Okay, so ignore the heat of the moment. How do you not call the cops as soon as you can find a phone? How do you watch that child rapist walk around campus and run his children's charity for the next 9 years?


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Okay, so ignore the heat of the moment. How do you not call the cops as soon as you can find a phone? How do you watch that child rapist walk around campus and run his children's charity for the next 9 years?
I cant answer that one, no excuse not to call police.

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So, how many of you have actually had the courage to read the entire grand jury report? Most of you are parents and the report is very helpful in seeing the setup and grooming pedophiles use to secure their victims and then the manipulation to keep their victims involved and the crimes secret. This includes very skilled and subtle maneuvering within institutions like Penn State U. and his youth organization Second Mile, even his wife and probably his own kids. There are a lot of people from janitors to the highest level of administration at Penn State that were not forthcoming in protecting children for fear of institutional, professional, and/or personal retribution or publicity. If you are a parent please read the report, it will enlighten you.

You know, wherever you have kids (schools, Boy Scouts troops, church groups, etc.) there is a setting that is attractive to a pedophile. I hope your kids can come tell you about ANYTHING that is troubling them. I've done intakes on two pedophiles and I don't want to ever do another. Their brains are truly "broken", their attraction to children is as natural as breathing is to us and it never stops.
So, how many of you have actually had the courage to read the entire grand jury report?.
I read the report. First it made me sick then it made me angry then it made me very sad that everyone who had any knowledge or hint that these young vulnerable frightened boys were being abused didn't do everything in their power to expose the truth and make it stop.

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And don't be surprised if he tries to act as his own lawyer in his defense of charges (yes, I know,they are charges, he hasn't been convicted in the courts of any criminal acts yet).


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Well this seems fitting:

"Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer, Joe Amendola, got a 16-year- old client pregnant and later married her "

Amendola represented a 16-year-old girl then known as Mary Iavasile when she filed an emancipation petition in September 1996. The emancipation petition said the girl had graduated from high school in two years with a 3.69 GPA and held a fulltime job at Amendola's law office.

The girl gave birth to Amendola's child when she was 17 years old, her mother, Janet Iavasile, said. Amendola would have been about 49 years old at the time.

It should be noted that the article also says that the age of consent in PA is 16.

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I am so glad to see that most folks think he should be thrown out at least. For those who think he did enough, what if that boy, or the next, or the next, had been your son, or your little brother. I mean god forbid,...but If I found out some one was abusing a child like that...
In life there really are defining moments and you may never see them as such until its too late, but I would like to think that all of us understand if we have a chance to get a FUCKING CHILD MOLESTER off the streets and we failed to do everything in our power, (call the cops, call the papers, smash his fucking head in) that it defines us as, at best, cowards.


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Wow, I made it through the entire Grand Jury testimony last night. The poor boys; my heart goes out to them and their families as no child should have to endure what those boys did. I hope that if nothing else, it helps lift the veil of secrecy around the abuse of boys and helps male abuse victims feel more free to come forward, hopefully free of shame and stigma. Read the Grand Jury testimony if you haven't; the insight you gain might help you prevent this happening to a child in your life and is the least that we can do for these poor boys who were surrounded by adults who did nothing for so many years.


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The interview with Costas was disturbing.
I can't believe any competent lawyer would let him give an interview like that. He essentially just cut the prosecution's casework in half. They don't have to prove that he was in the shower or had physical contact with the kids, he straight out admitted it. They just have to prove that he was abusing them and not just "horsing around" or whatever he calls it.

I guess that's what you get when you hire a lawyer who knocks up his 16 year old client/employee.


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I think he's just trying to spin stuff.

Thus far, the story has been that he went to paterno, then paterno went to the two guys at the university, then McQueary met with those two guys. The two university guys are Tim Curley (athletic director) and Gary Schultz (senior vice president for finance and business). Schultz is not a police officer but his position at the college gives him technical oversight for the police force. You know, in the same way that a city council has oversight. But he is in no way a sworn law enforcement officer. He's not even a security guard. However, the quote from McQueary's email says:

"did have discussions with police and with the official at the university in charge of police"
Now, he does claim directly to have talked to "the police" in that quote. But I wonder if he's fudging "the official at the university in charge of police" into equaling "the police". Now, I have no way of knowing anything like that. After all, this is such a weird and terrible story that it could easily come out that the police were in on the whole thing and didn't do anything. But I tend to doubt that. It's one thing to get a bunch of people to cover up some athletes getting free lap dances and do nothing jobs. It's another thing to get a bunch of people to cover up child rape. That sort of thing tends to cross over just about everyone's "look the other way" line. Sure, one or two morally corrupt people I could see. But as the number starts to climb, I get suspicious.

Still, stranger things have happened in the world.