Pattern John Kent's "Guns n' Roses" Buzzer variant

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    John Kent managed tunkwa resort near kamloops for several years back in '99 and can tie one mean chironomid. A while back he posted a pattern called his 'Guns n Roses' Chironomid, which I believe was used in a few episodes of sport fishing on the fly and worked great on some of the local lakes around my area.

    I've began growing a bit fond of the english buzzer style of flies as of late, however got a bit tired of tying the same old thread bodied, french tinsel ribbed epoxy buzzers and this pattern seemed to come to mind.

    So here it is..

    John Kent's Guns n Roses Buzzer Variant


    Hook: Hanak H360BL Size 12
    Thread: Black 8/0
    Body: Gunmetal Flashabou
    Rib: Rust "Micro" Stretch Tubing by Wapsi
    Thorax/Head: Black Thread
    Wing Buds: No. 5 Orange 'Glo-Brite' Floss
    Wing Case: Mirage Tinsel
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    Okeedokee...I'll respond! Nice tie do me proud!

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