July 4th Corner Fly Club Meeting

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    We have a very timely topic this month-pink salmon! Scott Willison, co-owner of the Confluence Fly Shop here in Bellingham will speak. Here is the info!

    This month's general meeting of the 4th Corner Fly Fishers will be held at the Bellingham Golf and Country Club on July 25, 2013. The Wet Fly will begin at 6pm with dinner at 6:45pm. The program will begin at 7:30pm and will be followed by the general membership meeting.
    This month we have once again have the pleasure of hearing from one of our own members, Scott Willison. Here’s a program description and bio from Scott:
    Oncorhynchus gorbuscha, commonly known as pink or humpy salmon are one of the most prolific salmon to return to the Puget Sound region. This year's forecast calls for over 6 million pinks to enter the Sound, bound for various rivers of origin. The Skagit run alone is expected to exceed a million pinks, in addition to large numbers of salmon heading for the Nooksack, Stilly, Snohomish, Green and Puyallup watersheds. Pinks are the smallest of our five species of pacific salmon, averaging 3-5 lbs., however are plentiful and have a proclivity for small and sparse pink flies. They are wonderful sport on a fly rod. All pinks have a two-year life cycle and in Washington, for the most part, return only in odd numbered years. That means you'd better get out and enjoy them in your backyard this summer unless you want to wait until 2015 or pursue them in Alaska were they come back annually or Vancouver Island waters where they run on an even year cycle.

    While the fly fisher armed with a 6 weight rod can experience epic days on the river from late August until the end of September, pink salmon are at their absolute best in the saltwater as they migrate toward the river mouths and provide an outstanding introduction to beach fishing along the briny and cobbled shorelines of Puget Sound. Pursuing them in the salt also lengthens the season substantially as they become available from around the 3rd week of July and continue to appear through early September.

    Scott Willison, co-owner of the Confluence Fly Shop and a Cascades Fly Fishing Expeditions guide, will present on strategies for pursuing saltwater pinks along the beaches of North Puget Sound and Whidbey Island. Scott has been an avid saltwater salmon fly fisherman for the past 18 years and can often be found haunting the beach on a balmy August morning. The presentation will feature a slideshow and will offer insights on appropriate tackle, fly patterns, techniques, locations and timing to intercept this year's plentiful pink salmon run.

    Non-members are welcome. If you want to go, respond to
    http://4cff.eventbrite.com/ before Wednesday.