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    Winter is coming to a close and the days of screaming reels and amazing aerials are just around the corner(if not now).

    Anyone have any stories they would like to share that gets there blood going in anticipation for hours and hours that will be spent on the water in the next 8 months????????

    Even as i write i find myself yearning for the experiences sure to come when throwing a fly around. Here are just a few stories that make me wanna call in sick, screw the classes and hit the water:

    -- Being lucky enough to hit Dry Falls and find myself among a select few out there in the middle of the craziest hatch i have EVER seen, to date. The water was literally boiling. Now i had been told the fish were picky, and indeed they were, but when my friend and i both set into a couple beauties inlcuding a monster brown, the hours on the water were well worth it.

    -- Real life instruction on the gas laws - pressure vs. temperature vs. volume -. Pulling an inflated tube out of a very hot car and jumping into a cold lake. 100 yards off shore out at rattlesnake lake i find myself taking on water over the top of my waders.

    -- Get into my tube on conconully lake reservoir just as a large storm front is moving in, only took but an hour for me to find myself at the opposite end (long upper lake) with no prayer paddling back against the incredible winds that are not uncommon in Okanogan County.

    more to come...
    bring on the stories...

    Fly For Fun

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