Kayak Point

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    I'm new to the forum, so I thought I would post a report. Not much of a report however since I got skunked both days. Spent Saturday watchin Alec Jackson tying up his famous spade flies at "All About the Fly." I learned some good techniques and had a lot of fun talking to Alec. On Sunday I fished the beach at Kayak, but no luck. There were a fair amount of silvers jumping, but even the guys slinging buzz bombs were'nt connecting. Went back on Monday night and put in my pontoon boat. Silt from the Stilly turned the bay brown, so even though their were plenty of fish around, fishing was tough. Well so what?, The weather was good, the bay nice and calm, casting came easy, and I had beautiful fish jumping all around me even though I could'nt hook any. I met a guy on Sunday night who said he had been to the lower Stilly and found that chums were stacked up in there. I don't think he fished it though, since it is running brown.