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    Jan 17, 2004
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    Had a few hours to kill Sunday morning till I had to pick up Amie from the airport. Took the kayak out on Puget Sound to see if I could get into some Coho Salmon. Fished from 5AM till 9:30 till I got my first hit. It was gone before I could even react. Next fish hit at 9:50 but it was gone before I got it onto the reel. I was cursing myself thinking t would have been my only good shot at a fish all day. Kept fishing a little longer and hooked into what seemed to be a very small fish. It came right to the Kayak and right into the net in minutes with no real fight till it was in the net. It was a thin but 22" Coho. Saw only 2 other fish caught all day by the people in power boats and down riggers. One a small shaker Silver and the other a average sized Pink. No bait fish seemed to be around and those I talked to using depth finders said they were marking only a fish here or there. Fishing out on that area of South Sound still a little slow but there are still some local fish out there. Never saw any fish jumping all day. While the fish did not put up much fight it still was the first one on my new Rio Line. The funny part of the whole thing was I had gone out planing to bring back a fish for the grill but I so rarely keep a fish that I let it go before I remembered that fact.
    All the gear fishermen gave me enough space and the water was nice and calm. As 11 came around I was almost glad to have to leave the water to pick up Amie because by then I was getting a little warm out to want to row around that much.