Keep fighting Doug!!!

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Bob please tell him that many, many people are sending good vibes, karma, and prayers his way.
Yes, Bob, please pass on to Doug that we are pulling for him. Doug doesn't know me from Adam either, but I have talked with him a few times and have read most of his books.
Bob, please pass on to Doug that he simply has to get better, because myself and a lot of other people haven't taken the opportunity to fish with him yet.


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Bob, thank you for the information on emails. I was about to send one to him, but I certainly understand what Doug's priorities need to be. I have enjoyed Doug's company on the OP rivers several times in person and many times vicariously through his eloquent books. Please give Doug my best wishes for a speedy recovery.


David Loy

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Wow, that is sad news. I've never met you either Doug, but I want to sometime. You do indeed have some great friends. I'll be pulling for you too.
Best of luck.
Hi Everyone!--I just heard about this thread and want to tell you all how much your thoughts and prayers mean to me and my family. Everything is going as well as can be expected right now, and I've got my favorite painting of mallards on a woodland pond on the wall at the foot of the bed and a photos of Ruby and Lily on the nightstand. As for email, I meant that I wouldn't respond to them right now, but I am always thrilled to hear from my fellow fly fishermen and women--especially with fish stories. Again, thank you so much. Doug
Damn. Sorry to hear it. I've enjoyed Doug's books immensely. Actually emailed him through the blog a couple weeks ago and he sent me a really nice and informative reply.

Doug--good luck and best to you and yours. I'll be out on the OP next weekend for the first time in a bit--I'll be thinking of you as I float and wade around on the west end.



Jeff Dodd

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I've been checking back on Doug's blog and this is NOT the news I was wanted to read. So sorry Doug that you are battling this.

I know you'll return to teaching and guiding this community as soon as you can - we all look forward to your speedy recovery.

I will be tying the Keta Rose tomorrow, thinking of you and your recovery.