Kelly Creek, NF Clearwater

Since I am pushing 70 I need to get two more rivers off my bucket list. Wife says go for a week. Not having been in the Kelly Creek and NF Clearwater area any suggestions as to which river to fish most would be appreciated. I am staying in Pierce, as my days of camping were over a long time ago. I understand it may be hour to an hour and one half to get to a place to fish.

Any words of wisdon out there?
When are you planning on going?
I just got back from our 10 day trip up that way. Surprised that the water was fishing good even with all the pressure, low water and high temps. I think I will try and get a few more trips in before the other fish start to show up down here
Denny: What's most important is this: be sure your gas tank is full before you leave town.:oops:

Camping is your choice, but it needn't be stressful. At 71, I just camped for two weeks around Yellowstone/s.w. Montana. Used a 9' x 12' wall tent, alternating with a little dome tent; slept nine hours a night on foam pad. Lost a little weight; came home feeling 61.:p

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My closest thing to camping out is a cheap motel close to where I could be fishing at. I gave up on camping out a few years ago. I like hot showers and a warm bed.


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Crap-if you can drive a truck or fish a river what's the big deal about not camping? I did my first campout in 1946 when I was 8 years old-in a WWII surplus pup tent and still look forward to my camping trips like a young kid to this day. I got rid of my 5th wheel a few years back because a queen bed, kitchen, shower, toilet, microwave and air conditioning ain't camping. Plus it was a pain to drag around, store and maintain. For the past few years I have been camping out of this and like it better than my overhead camper or 5th wheel. I have spent over a year of my life in tents, much of that above 10,000' and am not too fond of tents or sleeping on the ground any longer. But the truck with the high canopy gives me room to sit up, get dressed and not feel like a sardine. Here I am prepping a batch of ginger beef with oyster sauce over jasmine rice along the St Joe. How sweet it is!


I had a blast on the nf clearwater last summer. One of my best days of fishing, and some of the biggest cutts I've ever caught.

That said, I know that Kelly is a great one--I couldn't figure it out the one day I fished it, aside from some solid whitefish.

I don't think you can really go wrong with either one.