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    I have 3 days off August 19th-22nd in between my job in seattle and going back to graduate school and I'm considering flying from Seattle to Anchorage and chasing silvers and rainbows on the Kenai Penninsula. I haven't been to AK before and I am moving out of Seattle the 23rd, so although I don't have a lot of time I would like to make the most of what could be my last days in the PNW. I'm wondering if any members here who have done a trip around this time can provide useful information on guides, regions, styles of fishing(swinging flies, nymphing etc.) and which rivers and possibly lakes are a peaking at that time. I know the Russian and Kenai are world-famous, but also have a reputation for combat fishing. Is it so crowded in late august that it's not worth going?
    Also if there are alternative rivers or target species(dolly varden or pinks) that you recommend from experience I would be extremely appreciative.


    Bjorn G.
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    between river mile 13&14 on the kenai is the very best silver hole on the entire drainage for fly fishing. if i remember correctly its called the 'falling in hole.' used to be access was only by boat but i believe a road way has been pushed into that area. see if you can get to it, you will be amazed.
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    My experience on the Kenai was in pre-fly fishing days. Took a 70lb King out of the Eagle Rock area.
    (The trophy is on the wall of my office looking over my shoulder as I write this.)
    Our guide was Tim Hiner (not sure about spelling). He lives on the river, or did.
    For a great meal visit the Double Muskie at Girdwood. .
    Good luck and have fun.