Kendle 2/0 (Kelson)

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    Two sides of pintail (should be teal) are from two different pairs feathers to give to different banding patterns. The lower sides i tied in to compensate for the empty space under the wing. The upper pair, i tied in as a roof.

    I put a nice thick butt on this one, as i like them and i think the black from the herl balances nicely with the head.
    Body is white floss, overwrapped with goldbeater skin, then '8 turns per inch' of gold tinsel, still mylar as i've no vintage stuff....which i'm sure would look infinitely better, but i worked with what i had.

    in the wing i split up the blue, yellow and GP, with a slab of kori on top.

    Tails are from a pale peach golden head i have....real flat and a nice soft yellow, perfect for this fly.

    The blue turkey and hackles i dyed myself. Sky blue cushings perfection acid dye....

    Perhaps the best wing setting i've ever achieved

    Hook is a 2/0 Sunday style Limerick

    For your enjoyment.


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    Great job Eunan !!! I like the pintail roof....