Kent-Bamboo Master, are you out there?

Kent Lufkin

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Super-FLY said:
Kent, found this on Craig's List and wanted to know if this is a bogus deal or not? can you verify anything about this rod and it's value? Thanks man, Jeff
Phillipson Powr Pakt's were and are highly regarded, mass-market cane rods from the 1940s through '60s. A good condition 7-1/2' model might fetch $500 or $600. Those with 'issues' more like $100-$150.

Find out what length it is (longer is NOT better with bamboo), if the sections are all the same length and straight, if the ferrules are tight, whether it's missing any guides or other parts and if it's got a tube and sock. If all the above check out then $125 is a good price. It's most likely rated for a 5 or 6wt line and will be a fun trout rod.