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    Big Wood – Silver Creek Report

    So . . . I just got back from a week long trip to Ketchum with two friends and our families. We managed to get in two full days of fishing (one on Silver Creek one on the Big Wood) and fished a number of morning and evenings on the Wood.

    The fishing was great, the catching good. Silver Creek was a little disappointing in that there seemed to be a dearth of mid-sized fish. There were lots of 4 to 9 inch fish and a good number of very large fish, but few in the 10 to 18 inch range. I landed three 14 inch fish, one nice brown, and more little guys than I wanted. Most of the fish were very stacked up as opposed to other years where I recall the fish being more spread out through the system. One of my buddies LDR a nice fat 20 inch brown and my other friend had about the same luck as I.

    We fished Trico’s (20 - 22)from about 9 to 11 and then the wind and heat came up so we fished parachute hoppers

    In the late afternoon, after being swarmed by bloodsucking mosquitoes on the west end of the NC property we waded into Sullivan pond (aka the Shark Tank). I managed to land 3 fish between 20 and 24/25 inches. My buddies both lost some nice fish but managed to land one between them.

    The Wood was a little spotty, but overall the fishing was great. Again, there seemed to be a noticeable absence (as compared to past years) of 13-16 inch fish, but there were lots of 10 to 12 inch fish and quite a few 18 to 20 inchers. Red quills were just starting to get active in the early afternoon and should become a mainstay over the next week or two. Size 10. I would tie up green drake pattern in red tones rather than use the standard red quill pattern. The live bugs have fat abdomens that you can’t replicate with the quill and still get to float high.

    The Pink Alberts (14) and Trico’s (20 – 22 CDC females worked best) were dwindling but both worked well from about 8:30 to 11:00 am. Hopper/dropper combo was the mainstay. We fished the meadows, box car, deer creek, copper gulch and cottonwood. All but Hulen Medows produced good fish. Tails and heads of deeper pools consistently held the largest fish. However, my largest fish on the Wood grabbed a size 18 zebra nymph in a little, fast, choppy run that was about 2 feet deep just before is plunged under a root ball and into a wider deeper pool below.

    Great fun, good friends, perfect water, can't ask for more. :thumb

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