Kindness of Strangers-Thanks Ed!

Yesterday I took a colleague for his first trip to Pass. He does not own a water craft so I loaned him a raft I have and took my outlook scout. We left early in the morning and were the second folks there. As I began to rig up I discovered I had left my rod at home. I guess packing up an extra boat screwed up my routine leading to a rodless day. We live in Seattle so a 3 hour round trip to get the rod didn't make sense. I decided to paddle around with my friend and offer helpful advice (hopefully). One of the other fisherman was putting on a clinic. I paddled over and asked him a couple of questions and he asked me how I was doing. I explained my predicament and that I was watching and trying to help my friend (not successfully at that point). When I wished the successful fisherman good luck and started paddling away he offered to loan me one of his rods! He did add that he would be leaving by 3 - it was 9 - so not any hinderance to fishing. When I returned the rod and thanked him we again we had a nice conversation and we introduced ourselves. Thanks Ed, your generosity was very much appreciated! A great example of the kindness of strangers. I hope to emulate your example in the future.

Very cool. That kindness is becoming less common these days, but its still there. maybe this story will inspire other acts of kindness. Thanks for sharing.


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Well this verifies what we already knew, that Ed is strange. That is partly offset by his also being kind. My guess is that Ed had enough extra rods with him to outfit every boat on the lake.