Pattern Kispiox Dragon

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Bryan Lowrie, May 26, 2007.

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    The idea for this fly came from Roger(Florida), a long time Kispiox fisher. If you have fished the Kispiox in late summer/early fall you can't help but notice the number of large Dragonflies cruising the river. Rocky(Wash.) tied the first version and I witnessed Roger hook and land a SH in rising murky water that was marginal for sunk fly or so I thought. The following pattern is my version.
    Hook: Gamakatsu trailer
    Thread: Black Kevlar
    Body: Rainy's Dragonfly Foam sleeved in blue shrink tube
    Wings: White Polar Bear, Fox, or Calf Tail
    Head: Blue Deer Hair
    - snip hook off shank and file smooth
    - attach trailer hook with 50# power pro or similar line
    include heat shrink tube during this step sliding it down over trailer
    - insert foam into tube and slide back into body position
    heat tube to seal foam on hook shank and trailer line
    tie off front end of tube to shank
    - tie in wings 45 degrees from body and tilted upwards
    cover wing connection with short piece of tube and heat
    - spin deer hair to form head and trim to shape
    keep bottom flat and seal with Soft Body Plastic Resin
    - mark body with suitable perm. black marker
    - my fly length is 1-1/4" - 1-1/2", head to tip of tail
    - I use a soldering iron to "CAREFULLY" shrink tube
    This fly can cause quite a disturbance on the water.
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    Nice tie. That will work anywhere the steelhead swims. Adjust colors accoringly for whatever flys around locally. A little rust, orange or tan for an october caddis. Try it in purple,red, natural etc. Fish don't care so much the color it's about the disturbance it makes, like you said.

    Interesting, I have never tried the trailer hook set up on the skater I tie. Maybe I will.