Kudos for Royal Wulff Products customer service

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by fishwater, Sep 24, 2012.

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    My Ambush line, acquired last year, wore out way too soon in comparison to the many I've used over my decades of flyfishing; several inches of the coating have all but disappeared from the head/shooting-line transition. I emailed Wulff asking what's to do, and they responded "send us the line for inspection and we'll advise you of our findings". I offered that if they would send me a replacement up front, then I'd be happy to return the offending line - and that this was important as I'm in the middle of a fishing frenzy (I always am). They came back with "OK it's a deal". The new line is on the way, and if they see evidence that I am at fault I'll owe them. NICE! Kudos to Wulff for handling the matter in a way that assumes I'm honest, and in a way that backs their product performance. Makes me want to support their business.
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    Nice! I love good customer service.
    I remember years ago....and I mean years......I broke a Cabelas rod, one I had for about 7 years. A freind suggested I call them anyway.
    I did, and they replaced it, no questions asked.

    Nice work Royal Wulff!