Kudos to Griffin Enterprises


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Some time ago I bought a Griffin standard bobbin and finally got around to using it only to find out that it cut the thread instantly. Bought it at Pacific Fly Fishers but the receipt is long gone. Called Griffin and explained the situation to a very polite woman. She told me to send it back and she would get a new one sent out asap. I asked if I should upgrade to a ceramic bobbin and she told me that she would replace my standard bobbin and throw in a ceramic bobbin free of charge and I could try them both. I appreciate that customer service! Kudos!


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I can second their customer service being amazing. I bought a Montana Mongoose vice and it was missing two small pieces. As it was the last one at the shop I bought it from I didn't bother to try and take it back, just emailed Griffin to see if I could purchase the two little parts. Instead they just asked for my address and said they'd send them to me, and they arrived at my house a few days after I replied. Nice to see in this day and age that some places still having amazing customer service.


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I agree. The communications I've had with the folks at Griffin has been nothing but pleasing. Fast service, no questions. They've gone above expectations for me, too.