%@#$ Lake 5/23

Ed Call

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Picked up Matt Smith at the Kingston Ferry terminal (photo of his coolness strolling off the boat...zoom in on the dude in the Mumbles like bucket hat beneath the flag pole, the green ferry lane arrow is pointing right at him). Headed to a beach (separate brief report in the other forum). Followed that brief outing with a road trip down to %@#$ Lake. Trip should have taken about 90 minutes. Add at least 45 minutes to that because of an accident on the highway and a lot of detour traffic because of the ongoing Hood Canal Bridge closure.

Finally arrived at about 2pm. Not expecting much at that time but planned on fishing until late. Plenty of fish activity, sluping, rises, flying fish here and there. Fishing was sloooow though. A handful of anglers on the water would agree. I don't know if anyone there landed more than 2 or three fish. There was a bikini hatch around 2:30 that lasted until about 5:30 but even that did not get the fish a bitin'. I hooked into one frisky 19" fish that proved it could take line again and again while bending the 4wt pretty nice. I had it pontoon side three times and three times it saw me and freaked out and took more line as it found new energy. Finally got it into the net, measured out at 19" plus a smidge and let it go quickly. Sorry no fish porn, but as warm as it was that fish worked too hard for any messing around.

Great day on the water with those that made it out. Matt can tell you how he didn't do! Good to run into you again Larry, glad you and your friend each found some fish too. It was a tough day out today on %@#$ Lake.

Matt Smith

On the river Noyb
This is how I did, No fish, not a one. But it was an excellent day nonetheless. Beautiful lake, good looking fish, they were swimming all around my feet. It is quite frustrating to see some great looking fish all around you, you're throwing everything in your flybox at them and they just ignore your offerings. Oh well, I will just have to go back and try again. Super sweet day! Thanks Ed for driving miss daisy around!!