Lake Britton?

Teenage Entomologist

Gotta love the pteronarcys.
I'm planning a trip to Lake Britton, CA, and doing a hike along the Pit River. Anyone had any personal experience fly fishing Britton and/or the Pit River? I heard the Smallmouth fishing in Britton is good, and also Crappie. Any recommended flies? Thanks for any help, Kaden.
Lake britton has the bridge from "Stand by me" so that's pretty sweet. One August morning I saw a bunch of trout rising for mayflies along the shore. I never wet a line there though.

However, I have done the Pit, and I'll be heading there in a week. If you don't bring a wading staff you're an idiot. There is a lot of good access to pit 3. If you are coming from Burney, I wouldn't even bother with 4 and 5 because you'll just be driving past good water with good access.

I didn't have a whole lot of success, but 110° august weather isn't ideal. You're going to want heavily weighted flies or a bunch split shot. And bring A LOT of flies. I lost 4 flies in my first two drifts when I was there.