lake ki tomorrow afternooon/evening

anyone want to meet at lake ki tomorrow afternoon? im heading there after school tomorrow, ill probably be in the water around 4:00pm. ill be in a pontoon style tube on the shoreline opposite of the "launch." i usually stick close to shore between the point that has all of the bassy looking downed trees scattered all over it and the houses tucked way back in the corner near the dock that has the "full service station" sign on it. ill be there until dark fishing my brains out. company is always nice! :thumb

what do i know, im just a kid

i might hit up gissburg ponds instead/also, depends on the weather. either way ill be fishin!


*nope, on second thought its lake ki all the way. come on, all this talk of fishing stocker trout and no one actually wants to do it? :dunno :hmmm :thumb