Lake Lenore and Rocky Ford Cr

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    Fished Lake Lenore this last Thursday and Friday. For once, lake was fairly calm and weeds not as thick as two weeks ago. Fishing was not hot, but most fishers caught fish. All my fish except one were over 22" with 2 at 26". Water temp at 47 degrees. Used marroon and black buggers with different droppers. Zugbug droppers worked best. By mid afternoon Friday most of the best buggers had either been broken off by fish or chewed up so I decided to visit Rocky Ford Cr. Weather had cleared so very nice at the creek. Most fishers were catching trout. I fished for a couple hours before heading home. Caught fish using scuds, water beetle, and small dry. Largest slug at 26":p

    In the past I have had one excellent day(12) when I used a small scud fished on the bottom. I would cast to an open water area and let the scud sink to the bottom. I would wait until a fish came within range and then work the scud to attract the fish's attention. I really need to see the fish in order to set the hook when he picked up the fly. I found that using a strike indicator would spook the fish. Other than this one trip, I have only caught 2-3 fish each trip. I have seen others catching fish after fish. On the average, can some one tell me the best technique to use including line type, fly, and best approach. Thanks for the information.:confused:

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