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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by toadthedry, Oct 19, 2003.

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    I am hoping to get over and fish lenore next weekend. What access point do people use to fish the south end of the lake and is there a certain road to turn off highway 17 to get to the access point

    Also, is the lake best fished with a pontoon boat as opposed to a float tube? (I prefer to use a float tube unless good fishing areas can not be easily gotten to in the float tube)


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    There are two easy to find access points at the south end. They are both within sight of the highway. The second one is more "official," has a permanent toilet facility, and is a little larger and easier to spot. The other one is a mile south (give or take). They are essentially at either end of the large island at the southern end of the lake. The turn-outs are not marked, so you'll have to watch for them.

    If you want to fish the extreme southern tip, there is a rough access just north of the group of houses. I don't know if it goes down to the lake shore or not. You could also try exploring the paved roads around the homes, though I have no idea what the private property deal is. The southern of the two accesses I described above will put you within pretty easy rowing distance of the end of the lake, a relatively long kick in a tube, or a reasonably painless hike along the shore.

    You will find good fishing right out in front of both access areas. The lake is very shallow at this end with extensive flats. You shouldn't have to explore very far to find fish. Try out in front of the points.

    You could find some stiff breezes, which might argue for a tube. I prefer a tube too if I don't have too far to kick, and I find KBs a pain in the wind. However, the water is bound to be getting a little nippy, and you might be more comfortable in your KB. Your call I guess.
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    There is also an access road before you get to the road leading to the private homes. This takes you to the very southern tip of the lake. I prefer a float tube as well but you do have to watch out for the wind. I got myself around the west side of the big island the weekend before last and when the wind came up it blew me far enought down the lake I had to walk back about 2 miles along the beach. Despite the high winds the fishing was still quite good.

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