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I tested out the new float tube on Lake Sammamish after work on Monday. Weather was beautiful and I thought I'd give chironomid fishing a shot. Kicked out from the beach west of Issaquah Cr. Trailed a wooley bugger from my floating line on my way, and hooked a fish. After a brief struggle, got him to my tube and noticed this was no rainbow or cutthroat. I thought at first it was a kokanee, but there were spots on the back. Unfortunately I didn't get a good look at him before he wriggled back into the water. About 13-14 inches, didn't get a look at his mouth, but I'm 75% certain it was a coho. Does anyone know of a residualized population of coho or chinook on Lake Sammamish? I used the indicator method of chironomid fishing the rest of the evening with no luck, I think I was fishing in water that was too deep. Are the trout in shallow (<9') water at this time of year? Glad I had an opportunity to get out before the weather changed! Good fishing!

Rob Blomquist

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I caught one last november fishing with friends in almost the same place, on an egg-sucking leech. One of the guys was a fisheries biologist and told me that mine was a residualized chinook.

There is apparently some range in the rate that the fish leave for the ocean, and we both caught fish that prefer to stay in the lake.

This is a good time near the mouth of the creeks, as the outmigration is happening and smallmouth bass, salmon and trout show up for the banquet.

Could have been a kokanee. The size is right, and yes, some kokanee do have spots. In fact, from what I've read, ALL of the kokanee found in Lake Sammamish tributaries do have large spots.

I don't know about coho, but I have heard of residual chinook to 10 pounds in Lake Sammamish! Sure it wasn't a 'nook?


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When I caught the fish, I thought that it was a kokanee. I did notice that it had spots, which got me to thinking that it wasn't a kokanee, because I thought that they didn't have spots. Or, I didn't think that sockeye had spots, and was assuming that the same was for kokanee. Bottom line was that I didn't look at it as closely as I should have, but it seens likely that if there are spotted kokanee, thats what it was, if not, it was probably a residualized chinook. Do you have the reference that describes kokanee? I'd like to read that. Thanks.