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    Mount Vernon, we're the Sketch in the heart of Ska
    I ended up at Lake Sixteen saturday afternoon after the Samish river whooped me in the morning. Got out at the Samish at the crack of dawn up above I-5 to chase cutts. Water was perfect, about three feet of visibility pretty good flow and no one else on the stream fishing. Would have been a great day of fishing if I would have caught any cutts, but didn't even get a good tug from one. Nothing except a few hits from some smolts. Threw every type of cutt fly I had at the river and even a bunch in the trees. All I caught was a rock, too small to keep so I threw that back in the water (maybe it bonked a white fish on the head) Fished about a half mile of river and gave it up.
    Got back to my car and went for a cruise down stream, was thinking maybe about fishing for some kings or silvers. Changed my mind after seeing the crowds of bait and gear guys. One guy I talked to down at the bridge at the mouth said it's still all kings and the silvers haven't started showing yet.
    Left and had to go back into Mount Vernon to take care of some bills, on the way stopped and looked at the Skagit at the railroad bridge bar. The river is still looking ugly, pretty high still, with maybe a half foot of visibility. Kinda wanted to fish for silvers or cutts but figured I'll wait a couple of days to see if the water clears any. Some folks were plunking there but not catching.
    Got the bills paid got some gas and was thinking maybe Pilchuck creek. But I was down there friday afternoon and didn't do all that great and since it was after twelve and probably a half dozen people have allready been through all the good holes decided what the heck I'll go up to Lake Sixteen.
    Got to the lake saw one other rig in the parking lot. Geared up and got in the float tube and headed out in the lake. First tried the usual black wooley bugger, didn't get any hits off that. Put on a black bunny zonker and decided to try some bassin' didn't even get a five incher. I was keeping my eye on the other guy trolling around the lake wanted to see how he was doing. Well he finally came back to the launch area and I asked him how he did, said all he caught was some little ones and a nice bass some hours before. Well I headed back to the launch and was gonna give it up. Had to pee anyway so went in and decided might as well give it another go, except thought I'd try a sink tip and fish deep. Got back out and headed down to the south end while I was trolling I had a good pull from a fish but missed him. By the time I got to the end of the lake I started to see some fish rise. This was about 3:30. I looked on the water to try see if there was any kind of a hatch going on. Saw a few mayflies, a bunch of small black bugs and a bunch of what looked like winged ants about 3/8 ths to a 1/2 inch long. Only thing I had that was about that small was some flies with a peacock body and a few wraps of partridge. By now there was lots of fish rising. Took off the sink tip tied on some new tippet and cast out. About five casts later I was into a nice fat fiesty bow. That one was 14 inches, took care of him and couple of casts later got a bigger one on. Nice 16 inch fish. These were nice looking fish fat and bright with all their fins. Even tails! Was thinking this is gonna be great. But then they just ignored my fly. Tried some other flies, like a small black alder fly, and a orange stimulator. Got a few hits from that but didn't hook any more. It's 5:30 and the trout have all but stopped rising and the only thing that would hit my stimulator were 5 inch bass. Lots of em'. They would inhale the fly deep too, ended up leaving the fly in one bass that had swallowed the fly too deep in it's throat. Tried a green carrey but that just kept catching small bass. Put on the black bunny zonker and had a good pull from a big bass. Called it a day and left. Got home and cleaned out the trouts bellies and they were full of the winged ants. Plus a bunch of other stuff, small mayfies and what not.