Last Week

Was fortunate to get out twice last week on local lakes. First outing was tuesday, weather was sunny and warm, boy was that nice. Started by trolling a black leech down deep, probing for the right depth. Hooked a few decent fish but not happy with the action. Then I began stripping it up thru the water column, a tactic that works during warmer weather. Found the fish at 8-10ft. down and hungry. Small leech sz. 12 with long tail. Takes were definite, fish were larger 17"-20". The action stayed consitent depending on location throughout the afternoon. Noticed some nice fish feeding in the shallows so I changed tactics. Tied on a Richards/Scottflycst dragon nymph and cast tight to the shore. Some of the takes were explosive! Nice sized fish looking for some grub in the warmer shallow water. Snuck the boat in tight to the shore then cast parallel to the shore to cover more water. Had to hold the line softer in the left hand to prevent break offs. Those fish would hit on the move then head instantly for deeper water. Right wrist and forearm got a good workout. All in all landed 17 on tuesday, lost a few.
Second outing was friday. Weather never panned out as expected, skies stayed cloudy and cool all day. The water had cooled down also as the fish activity was quite different from tuesday. Nothing showing on the surface until mid afternoon. Catching was slow until a small chironomid hatch began in about 4-6ft of water. I started to notice mature fish taking emergers just under the surface. Wind was out of the south so I backed the toon into the south shore and tied up to a log. Out in front of me bout 30ft was a pod of fish feeding both top and bottom. Dug in the chronie box and found a black sz. 18 ice cream cone and tied it on. I didn't have a bug the right size so thought I try this one. Began to fan cast in front of myself to locate the feeding school. Bingo! Fished that chronie 2ft deep in about 4ft of water. Landed 17 nice fish while sitting in the same spot in about an hour and a half. When the catching slowed down I moved down the shore another 50ft and landed 4 more. The hatch begin to trickle out so I pulled up stakes and trolled back to the launch. Caught a few small ones along the way. All in all not a bad couple of days fishing. Let's get that warm sun to return!