Late Lone Lake Report

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    Feb 26, 2003
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    Lake Forest Park, Washington, USA.
    On the suggestion of some knowledgeable fly fishers (LT) I took my daughter to Lone Lake on Friday. Rained like hell before and after we fished but stopped while we were on the lake. Found a nice spot on the lake straight out from the launch past the submerged weeds and caught some nice rainbows, but a half inch short of keepers (18"). Lots of fun on my 4 wt. My daughter had drifted in closer (lots of wind) towards the weeds and snagged so I went there and when I was just reeling in fast to get my bug out of the water I caught a nice size bass. First bass I'd ever caught on a fly. Then, while I was redoing her fly with my line reeled in to the leader and the bug just dipping in the water, I caught another on, just a little guy. Pretty funny. Caught the trout on floating line with sink leader and a green and black/blue bugger.
    Thanks for the tips.

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