Swap Late Secret Santa Swap


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Hey Whit...what's the count? Seems most have mailed or bugs flying there now.
Thanks Daryle..you always seem to be a champion with these swaps.
Waiting on the last few to get here in the mail. I will post more tomorrow as I am off to work at the moment. If anyone has not shipped their flies yet I would like to remind you that they are due to me a week from today.


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don't know if i'm the last, but i shipped mine by UPS today. since i'm so close to pullman, they said that the package should arrive either tomorrow or thursday. whewww, i was starting to feel the pressure.



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Due date for the flies is Dec. 22nd
The drawing will be done on Dec. 22nd, so if I don't have your flies by then I will consider you as not participating.