Learn to Fly Fish, on the Water, In Alaska

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    Overlake Fly Fishing Club offers float trips in Alaska
    The Overlake Fly Fishing Club (Bellevue, Washington) is trying to finalize their plans for 2 trips to Alaska this year. These are club sponsored trips being offered by the Overlake Fly Fishing Club to provide a low cost fishing opportunity to new, and old fly fishers who might not be able to afford a trip to Alaska.

    These trips are really aimed at new fly fishers who desire an opportunity to learn the art of fly fishing with members of the Overlake Club. All three members of the club who will be teaching fly fishing to participants on these trips are immediate club past officers – two presidents and a vice president. No profits go to the club or the people doing the floats. All three will be providing casting instruction and fly fishing knowledge and help on the river as you float down the Alagnak River fishing for rainbows and graying. The Alagnak River trip dates are June 7-18 and June 18-26. Approximate cost of trip – except for Air Fare from home to King Salmon and return, is expected to be between $1800 and $2200.

    The intent of these trips is to teach fly fishing to people who already have some experience, but want an extended stay on a river, floating and learning fly fishing techniques. If interested in more information, contact Dick Lange, Past President, at 425 941-2149