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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Scott Salzer, Jun 28, 2014.

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    Holy blood donation, Batman.

    The skitters are out in force at Leech. Makes it tough to get rigged up. Fortunately, once on the lake they leave you alone.

    On the lake at 0830 today and fished until 1330. Had a great day with 20 trips to the net, largest was 18; 4 brookies to the net - one larger one about 15" very bright. Couple of others already on the lake when I put in. Others followed with about 8-10 at different times.

    I've always liked surface stuff at leech. The trips are always cruising and seem to be looking up. Plus it is a shallow lake. You catch a few brookies at the surface but I usually catch way more trips than brookies. Fished in emerger after I first put. Picked up a few and decided to try some chronies. Hit a couple of fish on the chronies but switched back to the emerger, and stayed with that fly. Got many fish to the net and missed just as many or had LDR's.

    Weather was better than I expected. Light drizzle most of the day. Wind was very light to light. Had one brief lighter period for about 10 minutes and had three fish during that .

    Good day on Leech. The bonus was running into a couple of other people I hadn't seen in a while and it was nice to see them.

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  2. Wayne Kohan

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    Sounds like my kind of day. However played in a tennis tourney today. Joked with my tennis doubles partner (another fly fisher) that if we lost this afternoon's match we could go fishing tomorrow. But alas, we won and are playing in the finals tomorrow. On vacation the next two weekends so no l Leech love for awhile.

    Thanks for the report Scott.

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    Fish tales while bottling today...? I'm looking forward to it...

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