Leech Lake Fishing Report

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by ncitrez, Sep 29, 2003.

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    Sep 9, 2003
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    After talking it over with everyone, we decided to wait on the salmon/steelhead fishing until we get some more rain. Ended up going back up to Leech Lake on Saturday.

    There were 5 of us, and the fishing was tough. Not crowded, but the fish just weren't cooperating. The beadhead chironomid I caught 20+ fish with the week before did not even produce one solid take this weekend. I only caught two trips and two brookies all day. All but one trip were caught with dry flies - ranging from small BWO duns to Callibaetis emergers to Yak Stones. The other trip was caught on a size 8 Olive Carey Bugger trolled back to the launch to listen to the Cougars KICK ASS on those Ducks! No consistent hatch to speak of, except for the "micro midges" just before dark. (Those things can't be any bigger than a size 32)

    One of my partners caught quite a few fish, all on the big stonefly dry patterns - go figure. Saw another guy fishing "bobber style" with what he said was a small gray beadhead nymph - he caught brookies on almost every cast for about an hour. I tried Hares Ears, etc. but couldn't get anything consistent. Had some solid takes by sight fishing to cruising triploids with Callibaetis emergers, but didn't land any of them.

    All in all, an absolutely gorgeous day and another relaxing trip. I think I'm done with Leech until next spring.