Leech Lake or Lenice??

Fish till ya drop.
Then suck it up
and fish the evening hatch.

Lenice is still Slooooow, unless you just fish evenings into dark with buggers or big leeches...not my thing. Waters still in the high 60's in the basin.I'd say stick to Leech Lake for another 3 weeks to a month. Then hit Lenice.
I was up at Leech Lake Tue-Fri this week, fishing was great. Lots of fun with dry flies. Fishing in the morning and evening is best for dries. In the afternoon I had luck fishing nymphs in the middle of the lake. Plus the mosquitos aren't that bad.


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Leech lake sounds interesting. I wonder if I could get a few questions answered?--

How long a drive from seattle is it? Does anyone know what the water temperature is? and what kind of trout and how big do they get?

Toad: Leech is a solid 3 hours from Seattle. I don't know about the water temp now. Lake is inhabited by brook trout -- the brookies I've hooked have ranged between 7 and 12 inches -- and larger triploid rainbows.

Tight lines.