Leeches Round 2


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How can a self respecting trout pass up one of those fake meals? Gonna be hard to find one that will. Nice ties, they sure look fishy to me.

I really like your thin, thin red leech. It looks like it could double as a bloodworm.

Thomas Williams

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Thanks. Yeah I think that little blood leech will do well. I plan to fish it 2' off the back of a larger guy. Maybe even drop it off a Chironomid. I've yet to get a fish on my own ties but I haven't been tying very long so hopefully I can bruise some gums tomoro!

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Thomas Williams

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Those bloodworms are easy and cheap. I think a 100 pack of small beads was $1.29. I'll let you know if I hook up on them. I have a feeling in the spring they will be amazing. I think I should dial down the red marabou a bit however.


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T, those leeches are so deadly I had to shield my eyes at first peek! Great work
man. Hope you have a license to carry those things.