Legal Gear illegal acts, stupid people!

I fish, I fish with my fly rod for anything, but I like salmon, all of them, and they ALWAYS seem to REFUSE to bite! So, are you saying that my fishing is FUTILE or that by doing it in Gorst is the Futile part?

What exactly are you saying?

Kelvin... I have no clue what your post means either...
Kool, the thought is that nasty, sperming spewing, blacktop as night, almost dead king was lined/flossed or snagged. You pretty much backing that up by they "always refuse to bite". So how did the one in the pic take?

"and they ALWAYS seem to REFUSE to bite! So, are you saying that my fishing is FUTILE or that by doing it in Gorst is the Futile part?"

I'll say looking for entertainment at Toys is futile :)

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I've been a longtime lurker, never posted. While I hesitate to jump into this particular duel, I wanted to point out that snagging fish in most cases is actually a gross misdemeanor (punishable by up to a year in jail and $5000 fine). Check out RCW 77.15.370:

(1) A person is guilty of unlawful recreational fishing in the first degree if:
(c) The person shoots, gaffs, snags, snares, spears, dipnets, or stones fish or shellfish in state waters, or possesses fish or shellfish taken by such means, unless such means are authorized by express rule of the commission or director...

I often tell folks who I see snagging that they can go to jail for it. Sometimes they laugh, sometimes they pack up and go home. But I always call Fish and Wildlife.


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How effective is it to call WDFW, can they effectively respond to a call? I was out in Gorst today and all of the fishermen in sight were using buzz bombs and two hooks. Even saw a true asshat using a treble hook on a big as spoon fishing near Poulsbo. Dude was standing in the midst of ten or so legally fishing people while his wife/girlfriend was keeping a lookout for the law. I didn't really feel like having a face to face confrontation because he looked pretty sketchy and his big truck was parked directly behind my subaru. I considered giving him legal, effective tackle (fly and sinker weight), but he left (with one fish) before I had a chance. Any suggestions?

On a positive note, I caught my two chum in 30 minutes using a small, green shrimp pattern.

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No one can speculate if calling WDFW will be effective in any single situation. I can guarantee that if WDFW is not standing next to you and you do not call them then they will not be coming at all. Sure they might not be staffed to come, but if you don't make the call the world will never know.