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Prince Nymph meets the Bugger; found this in Kaufmann's Fly Tyer's Nymph Manual. Pretty buggy fly, simple to tie; not sure why it never caught on.

hook - Mustad 9671 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 black
underbody - non-tox wire .015
tail - biots brown
body - peacock herl
rib - gold wire x-fine
hackle - brown saddle
legs - biots brown

mash barb, wrap shank with non-tox

start thread, wrap underbody; taper front and back

even up biots, curving away from each other

measure for length (hook gap) and tie in

tie in ribbing

tie in some peacock (more herl or less depending on the effect you're looking for) and wrap forward

prep a saddle hackle (a bit of web is a good thing) and tie in by the butt end

take a couple turns at the front, then spiral to the back; let the end hang down

counterwrap the rib, wiggling it back and forth as you move forward to avoid trapping hackle fibers; tie off and helicpoter the end of the wire

measure biot legs for length (let them extend a bit past the bend) and tie in curving towards each other

trim butts, wrap head, whip, SHHAN

Change up the body and hackle density and you could approximate a lot of stuff - skinny damsels, fat dragonflies, stonefly nymphs, etc