Lenice 3/21, 22


A couple of pics of the superkitten. You can see in the first shot that he was not too keen on being picked up--he was way too badass for that.
That guy had a lot of personality. Last time I saw him was last fall @ Blue. Lar had just bought Mr. Heater, and Raj would get so close to the heater that it seemed like his fur was going to catch fire.

He was pretty aloof around most people, but when daddy talked to him he was all kitten.
This is NFR, but is Lenice-R. Does anyone know if the tortillarilla in Mattawa is open on Saturdays? I'll probably sneak out sometime this weekend to stock up on all things Mexican.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
2x pair sox next
Being an old Montana Boy used to putting a float tube in really-chilly water (and I built my first tube back in the 60's before they were readily affordable/available), try this . . . 2X socks & a bread bag over them secured with a rubber band. Won't stay in-place while hiking, but does form an effective vapor barrier & keeps your feet much warmer, much longer. Socks will become damp due to condensation/sweat, but it definitely extends your "comfort-time" in the water.