Lenice on opening day. Roll call?

I havent fished Lenice in about 15 or more years, try to avoid the crowds. Cant wait to here about this years opener. Remember all the bitching about the trollers etc etc. The crowding and what not last year.

Scott Salzer

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There is actually plenty of room....

TM - Isn't there a certain lake we fished a "few" times last year that could have been considered crowded?

TT - I'll be there. I like to fish the opener crowds or no crowds....



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A couple of us far east side retirees will be going to another lake and perhaps camping for a few days. It will be weather driven however. Since we can go anytime we won't be inclined to go on opening day just because. I want to fish when I get there-not cower in camp and watch the whitecaps pound against the shore. We'll take fish whenever, no hurry. WOO-HOO-just 11 more days if the weather is good.