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    Incase anyone is interested on a report on Lenice, I fished there this past Sunday. The weather was unsettled and a squall moved through around 2 pm. The water temp was 59 which surprised me as I was there three weeks ago and it was 60. Anyhow, I was getting some fairly consistent action on damsel nymphs (size 12 very sparsley tied) fished on an intermediate line in around 10 to 15 feet of water retrieving toward shore proior to the storm. After the wind died down from the storm they had stopped hitting my nymph. Others were having some mild success on chironomids. I heard someone did real well using mayflies (dry). I think in general it was somewhat slow for the lake, but it was only my second time there so I have little to compare it to. I left around 5:30, but I would not be surprised If the fishing got better toward dark.

    Has anyone been to Dry falls or Grimes lake that can offer a report?